They Are Coming Mod APK v1.17.1 (Unlocked All) Free Shopping/Money

They Are Coming Mod APK

They Are Coming Mod APK




35 mB


OnHit Developments



Android 5.1+

We are going to explore the 2D block pixelated world of “They Are Coming Mod APK.” You are in a world of living dead, better known as Zombies. The game follows a simple rule: to survive, you must have a strong defense. The deadly creature is wandering in the streets and everywhere you can see. In other words, it is a post-apocalyptic nightmare where the only way to survive is a strong defense.

they are coming apk

Introduction to They Are Coming Mod Apk

No offense, Zombies games have earned a massive fanbase among players, and “They Are Coming Mod APK” by OnHit Developments is no exception. It is an Android Arcade game where you fight against pixelated zombies. They are powerful and more in number, so keep yourself armed with upgraded weapons. Progress to a new day completely depends on your current mission performance. One wrong move, and you need to play the game from the start.

We understand that playing with strict rules, especially when there is a shuffle of light of darkness, is not easy. To lessen the danger, we are offering an alternative version of this game. It is “They Are Coming Mod APK,” the modded version of the original game. You can enjoy additional benefits here that will help to win the game easily.

In the latest version of 2023, you will have unlimited gold and money, unlimited HP, unlimited ammo, unlocked weapons, god mode, and ad-free gameplay to enjoy. Moreover, unlimited customization options are waiting for you. The sound effects and graphics are improved for a better experience. Undead are coming; grab your weapons and kill them at first move.

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unlimited money

The moded features of They Are Coming Mod Apk

Are They Coming Mod APK is a highly strategic game that demands to be more conscious and time-specific for long survival. It is not easy for players, so in the modified version, we added all the premium features for free. You can download this mod and enjoy the pro perks without paying a dime. Here, we will walk you through these ultimate features one after one.

Unlimited Money and Gold

The in-app currency is gold and money. You use it to buy new weapons and upgrade your defense mechanism. The only way to get it in the normal version is to complete challenges. It makes the game tough, so in the mod version, you got unlimited gold and money. So you can buy any weapons and enjoy the game in a new way.

Free Shopping

It is a mod feature where you can have anything in the game for free. You can buy new weapons, character customization, or anything for free.

Unlimited Balance

As we know mod version gives you unlimited everything. You can enjoy any resources from the start of the game. Same way, it gives unlimited balance, which helps to unlock the complete potential of players.

Unlimited HP

Staying and defending against zombies is the aim of this game. But it needs extra hit points or health points that are not available in the standard version. For it, download the mod APK that gives you unlimited HP to survive till day 100.

Unlimited Ammo

Ammunition plays a basic role in zombies’ defense. When you combine two weapons power of attack increases; for this, we have unlocked all the ammos’. This way, you can do a more strategic attack.

High Damage

Many zombies are on their way to kill you. You will get over them with high attack skills. Using the mod apk increases the damage. When you attack enemies, the damage increases.

God Mode

Introducing you to the god mode, where you can switch between normal and mod versions. When using this mode, your character becomes immortal to attacks hence leading you to 100 days easily.

Ad Free

Smooth and uninterrupted gameplay is the dream of all gamers. We are giving you gameplay free of ads for a polished game. In They Are Coming Zombies Defense ad-free game is waiting for you. Download the game now and fight against the undead. 

zombie defence

They Are Coming APK Features

It is one of the most compatible Android games so far. You are on a journey where zombies attack you and start a bloodfight. You are a soldier with complete equipment who is defending and fighting against them. This is the overall plot of the game; below, we have discussed the features in detail.

Base Construction and Management: Zombies Defence has become one of the best survival games. To stay safe, you build and take care of your own fortress that keeps you secure. Start by picking a good place for your base. Here, strong items also gather resources like water and food to stay active. Now, all you need to do is stop the zombies from crossing your walls.

Defensive Strategies: Active consciousness and smart moves are the best approach against zombies. One strategy is building walls and fences to block the zombies from getting close. It is like putting up a big obstacle that the zombies can’t easily cross. You can use things like guns, swords, or even homemade gadgets to keep the zombies away.

Day-Night Cycle: The most dominant feature of They Are Coming is the change of sky. You will witness the shuffling of day and night. Just like in real life, the game world has daytime and nighttime. During the night, zombies become more dangerous so you must have better defenses or stay in a safe place.

Multiplayer Interaction: Developers allow you to team up with friends from around the globe. You can interact with other players, which will provide a helping hand for you. You can help your fellow players, and they can help you, too. Also, you can share resources with others and can fight in a more defensive mode.

Sound and Atmosphere: The gameplay of They Are Coming seems very realistic; it is the sound effects and atmosphere that work together. While killing the zombies, you will feel the groans and growls sounds. These sounds make the game scarier and more intense.

The game becomes super exciting when you use the fire gun, and the display becomes smokey. These effects make the game look cool and add to the excitement. The combination of sounds and effects makes you feel like you’re really in the game world. The sound effects remind me of another amazing game, Pocket Champs Mod APK.” It also follows the same life-like realistic sounds and effects.

How to Play They Are Coming APK

Playing They Are Coming is very easy due to the interesting plot it carries. Before start playing you need to familiarize yourself with the controls. Well, controlling your character’s movement is very easy. Just tap on the right side of the screen to stay aligned.

It’s defense time: gather the material that is best for saving against zombie attacks. Use weapons and traps to protect your base and allies. There will be rolling blades on your path. You need to cross all the hurdles on your way. Use bow and arch attacks on zombies for the best survival.

Tip: To secure your survival up to day 100, a smart move is to use the ultimate fire attack. When facing tougher challenges as the days go by, this powerful ability can help you get rid of hordes of zombies. But remember, timing and strategy is the key.

Personal Review

I have been obsessed with zombies and related stuff for a long and how it could happen if a new zombie game is released and I don’t play it. One day, I played “They Are Coming Mod APK,” and till today, I am obsessed with its smooth gameplay. The graphics, atmosphere, sound effects, everything seems so real.

Moreover, the modded feature doubles the fun of the game. I enjoyed the unlocked weapons feature the most. It allows me to kill zombies at a faster speed. If you are the one who likes action and strategy games, I wholeheartedly recommend you to play this game.


The game size is 35 MB.

Yes, you can play and enjoy the modded version.

No, you cannot play the game on iOS for now.


They Are Coming Mod APK has become the best strategic game. We can see its popularity by the number of downloads. It is a survival game where you need to defend against zombies. The mod version gives you many premium features that make you stand out. It counts unlimited money, unlimited HP, unlimited balance, unlocked weapons, free shopping, free customization, and ad-free gameplay. Download the game and become a hero in a world where zombies roam, and challenges abound.

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