Pocket Champs Mod APK v3.1.0 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

Pocket Champs Mod APK

Pocket Champs Mod APK




165 MB





Android 5.0

Many gamers, particularly kids like racing games. If you want a racing game that combines adventure and requires proper strategies to win the winding tracks, then Pocket Champs APK is a sure way to go.

pocket champs


Race on unique tracks in Pocket Champs Mod APK. Win the race with unlimited money, gems, coins, no ads & all gadgets unlocked. This is a classic runner game in which players choose a champ and compete in racing and try to win the race by reaching the finish line first. The story is not as simple, there are various obstacles that players need to cross and traps to place in their opponent’s way as well.

Madbox has made the game interesting by adding a feature of collecting bonuses along the way. These bonuses are necessary to increase players’ speed, make obstacles invulnerable for them, and give challenge to opponents. The champs can run, fly and climb to win the competition. At the end of the race, players can spend the coins they earn on upgrading their character. The modified version like WR3D 2K23 Premium Unlocked mod apk comes with unlimited coins to give a free hand to purchase boosters and upgrade your character as you wish.


Features of Pocket Champs Mod APK

Unlimited Money

In the standard version of Pocket Champ APK, it’s very difficult to win the race without gadgets. These gadgets are very expensive to buy, however, in Pocket Champs Mod APK, we can buy them with the unlimited money mod feature.

We can also enjoy these mod features in these action games as well like Hide Online Mod APK, Slither io Mod APK.

Unlimited Gems

With the unlimited gems mod feature of Pocket Champs, you can purchase extraordinary gadgets. These include Eagle’s and Cheetah-like running shoes to help you reach the finish line first.

Unlimited Coins

This is the most beneficial feature of the modded APK is the unlimited coins. With these coins, you can buy speed boosters and other unique gadgets to help your champ win the race.

Enjoy this mod feature in this action game as well: Netboom Unlimited Mod APK.

All Features Unlocked

In the modified version of Pocket Champs APK, all features are unlocked including all characters, tracks, and gadgets from the beginning of the game.

All Gadgets Unlocked

The modified version of Pocket Champ has all gadgets unlocked.  With this feature,  you can access any wonderful gadget and use it strategically to win the race.

No Ads

Ads are a very annoying feature of any Android game. Thanks to the modded APK Pocket Champ with remove ads feature, which allows for uninterrupted gameplay with no ads.

pocket champs apk

General Features

Multiplayer Game

Pocket Champs APK is a very competitive multiplayer game in which you race with other players and can test your strategic planning skills. Don’t underestimate your opponent, as anyone can defeat you with gadgets and other boosters.

Train Your Champ

An important factor to win this action racing game is the selection of your champion. You should select your champ after carefully considering their strengths and weaknesses. Afterward,  you must train them to beat the competitors.

Unique Tracks

The tracks are very unique and of different types including mountains of debris, narrow bridges, beams, and barriers.

Upgrade Your Character

In the new version, you can update your character with the coins that you earn within the game. You can boost their agility, speed, and other special abilities. Enjoy also Power Warriors All Characters Unlocked Mod Apk.

Variety of Gadgets

One of the amazing features of this Pocket 7 game that make this game apart from other racing games is the variety of gadgets. These include fins, running shoes, and picks. Additionally, there are unique gadgets like the Cheetah and Eagle that help your champ run and fly to beat your opponents.

Rewarding Gameplay

In the updated game, you can participate in daily events and win special prizes.

Time-Limited Events

In the latest version of Pocket Champs Hack APK 2024, there are daily and weekly time-limited events in which players can participate and win exciting rewards.

Pleasant Graphics

The graphics and sound effects of Pocket Champs APK are simple yet very pleasant, even on older devices.

 How to Download And Install Pocket Champs Mod APK

First of all, by landing on this page, you are very close to this apk. So check out this guide and download & install this app and enjoy your day.

  •  First, click the download button, and the apk file will be downloaded automatically into your mobile phone.
download apk
  • A pop-up confirmation message will appear just click on the button “download anyway”. After that, a message will appear on the screen that your app has been downloaded successfully. So click on them, and this will lead you to the section where is the downloaded file.
click yes
  • Now click on this apk file, and here if it asks you to enable permission to install unknown resources, simply enable it.
click on download anyway
  • So now click on them and then click on the install button. Your app/game will be installed automatically.

Boom, your App/Game has been installed successfully, enjoy it. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you face any issues.

The Gameplay of Pocket Champs Mod APK

The game starts with selecting your champ, training him for the race, and equipping him with special skills. Your mission is to reach the finish line first by continuously running on the tracks. There are sharp turns, difficult rings, and challenging cliffs along your path. Additionally, you have to cross the obstacles and collect bonuses along the way.

There are many gadgets like speed boosters and shoes that can help you win the race. You can purchase them with the virtual money you’ve earned. However, to avail of these gadgets all the time, you must have unlimited money which you can only get in Pocket Champs Hack APK. In addition to racing, you can also enjoy exploring other tracks in the game. Each track has unique obstacles that require different strategies to overcome. With the mod features like unlimited gems and diamonds, you can try your hands to explore all the tracks.

The pro version of this racing game offers daily time-limited events. You have to complete certain tasks and challenges to win the prizes. So just relax and explore the unique racing tracks of this entertaining game.

My Review of Pocket Champs Mod APK

The game is fun to play. The standard version is very costly to play as I have to spend 70 Euros to purchase gadgets for my champion to win. This problem is solved in the modded APK of the game. With mod features of all gadgets unlocked, I can get any gadget I need. The key to winning this game isn’t the time, but how successfully you cross obstacles and avoid traps. Furthermore, with unlimited gems, I can buy special boosters to facilitate my game.


Its size is 165 MB.

Players can get rewards by participating in daily challenges and successfully completing tasks.

You can level up your champ by getting experience points.

The modified version has unlimited money with which you can buy these gadgets. You can get a free download of Pocket Champs Hack APK free of all bugs from our website.

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