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Pick up your weapons because the enemy is coming to attack. Heroes have fallen into the enemies’ tricks. Enemies are brutally killing people, and the warriors are helpless because they cannot move. Nothing can be done now, and we should have prepared earlier. We had mistakenly considered the rivals weaker, but they are not. The Jikage tribe has lost its appearance from shinobi with all hopes. See, who is there?

Sakumo, the last survivor and heir of the Jikage. Jikage Rising Mod Apk put you in Sakumo’s shoes to help him in the campaign of raising the Jikage again. The gameplay divides the main mission into several quests and challenges, from seeking new warriors to defeating the vicious powers. Convince Konoha’s female warriors to be part of your team and win their trust with physical attraction. Enjoy another unique gameplay of WorldBox Mod Apk.

Warning: Your mature appearance (18+)  matters to play the game because it has sexual and other adult scenes. Read out the game description first because it is not for children.

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What Is Jikage Rising Mod Apk?

Jikage Rising Apk introduces Naruto and other characters. Each character has a separate identity and special abilities. The gameplay allows you to select between different warriors. You can train them for missions and get benefits through success. Your wise decisions can let you be in the best warriors squad. Thus, Kohona is considered the symbol of power, intelligence, strategy, and beauty because of several pretty and powerful ladies.

Raising the Jikage again requires a strengthened team to defeat the opponents. For this reason, the game permits you to visit the Kohona village. The ladies in Kohona are clever, and you must deal with the situations efficiently. Use your physical attraction to convince and attract them. Engage in love scenes with your favorite characters and win their hearts. In this case, Jikage Rising Mod Apk will help you unlock new female warriors and more.

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Main Features Of Jikage Rising Mod Apk

Various Characters – Jikage Rising relates to the Naruto’s characters. You will also see other characters other than Naruto’s warriors. You can select any character for your missions because the characters have mighty skills. You can use your characters as it is and can customize them for upgraded appearances.

Engaging Story – Animated series have a large audience that likes their stories, characters, and visual effects. The developer provides the same features in the game. Jikage Rising Apk starts with the background story that helps you to relate the consequences with the story. You will be engaged with the gameplay if you will understand it. Enjoy the amazing gameplay of Zero City Unlocked Features Mod Apk.

Stunning Visuals – Jikage Rising Mod Apk shows real and satisfying scenes. You can explore the different places because the gameplay features several villages. Each village has its appearance. In addition, you can interact physically with female characters and create any scene with them. Sometimes, you feel the reaction in real.

Save the Jikage Tribe – Don’t forget about the clan because you will go to Kohona for your tribe. After convincing the female warriors, you will have to join the next mode allows you to solve the missions. Fight with epic enemies and get your strength back. You can also play Blood Kiss Mod Apk to simulate a new adventure.

Compelling Maps – Missions send you to unknown places to accomplish several tasks. In this case, you can get help from the maps. The maps are thoroughly well-depicted. You can locate any location and follow the right path. The maps can be your right hand to give you and your members the right pather toward success.

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Modded Features Of Jikage Rising Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

Money gives you the freedom to purchase everything. Likewise, you also require money in gaming platforms to support your characters and their abilities. Jikage Rising owns several characters and accessories you can buy with money. Thus, the official version engages you with missions that return some coins as your reward. However, the latest Android mod provides unlimited money.

Unlimited Rewards

You can speed up your performance in completing the challenges. You can even solve all the issues in the game missions easily. The Jikage Rising Mod Apk unlocks all the premium features or elements you can use for free. You can access mod money to make your challenges easy. This way, you will spend more time with the game levels and get more rewards with no restrictions.

Unlocked Characters

You can get an emotional attachment from the female characters. Each female warrior looks attractive. You can talk to them and even cuddle with your love partners. In fact, the game engages you in sexual scenes with females, where you can control anything. Thus, if you have tried all the characters, download the latest mod version to unlock more pretty characters.

All Unlocked

Unlocking the Jikage Rising Apk requires real money for the prime subscription. You must pay the monthly subscription fee beyond someone’s budget. Therefore, the Jikage Rising Mod Apk unlocks all the characters, skins, mysterious locations, powers, and costumes. Accordingly, you can get your desired characters with their abilities and make your gaming experience outstanding. Play Nu Carnival Mod Apk for modded features.

No Advertisements

The game is completely for adults, and the adult generation always mind the advertisements while playing a game. You cannot focus on the suggestions and leave the points unread due to sudden pop-ups. When you are in love scenes, the game provides several options to proceed with the story. Thus, your attention is more important in Jikage Rising—consequently, block ads with the mod. Enjoy also the mod features of Motor Depot Online Mod Apk.

Final Verdict

Jikage Rising Mod Apk is a complete fun, love, relationship, action, and strategy package. Naruto is the identical version of Jikage Rising. Did you get my point? The gameplay is the gaming version of the Jikage Risng and Naruto animated series. You will see the same environment with characters, villages, weapons, and enemies. Mainly, the gameplay is about reviving the strength of Jikage again. So, complete missions with Kohona’s warriors and make relationships with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Jikage Rising is an adult-based gameplay with several characters. Much of the gameplay is fixed for sexual activities inappropriate for kids.

The latest mod version of Jikage Rising unlocks all the characters and powers to finalize all the quests on time.

Jikage Rising will be easy for those who have seen the same animated series. The game allows you to recruit female warriors from Kohona as your assistants in several missions.

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