Crowd Evolution Mod APK v41.0.1 (All Items Unlocked)

Crowd Evolution Mod APK

Crowd Evolution Mod APK




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Rollic Games



Android 4.4+

Worldwide, strategic games have gained renowned fame due to their unique playing style. Following the legacy, Rolling Games introduced us to an Arcade game that teaches about growth, strategy, and calculated risks while having fun. We are talking about “Crowd Evolution Mod APK.” This is a game where you aim for the evolution of your crowd. You will get the crown only if you survive till the finishing line. Let me take you in-depth into this Android game.

unlimited everything

Introduction to Crowd Evolution Mod APK

Welcome to “Crowd Evolution Mod APK,” an Arcade game; here, you survive only with a smooth run, smart moves, and the growth of your crowd. You will face enemies with constant attacks trying to take you down. Also, there are hurdles and obstacles waiting for you, but you are a skilled man who will complete the level with a strategic mindset.

We never agree to stop on less for our users, so here introducing the modded version of Crowd Evolution. In its latest version of 2024, you will have additional benefits that are going to help you win the game easily. It will give you unlimited money, unlimited lives, unlocked pets and weapons, a mod menu, and ad-free gameplay.

You can get everything unlocked in the mod version. All you need to do is click the download button. Once you get the latest version, no one can stop you from ruling the kingdom of sneaky creatures.

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unlimited money

Moded features

Crowd Evolution Mod APK gives you all the features unlocked. You can get all items for free within a few taps. You will be amazed by premium features because they will take the game’s excitement to a new level. No doubt the game becomes more enjoyable with it. We will explore the features below in detail one by one.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Playing this breathtaking game and running out of money? We understand this is the most irritating feeling ever. So, let us break down the concept of limited currency. Because in the mod apk, you will have unlimited money and gems. Spend as much as you want; it will never end.

Unlimited Lives

In the normal game, each time you make a mistake or fail a challenge, you lose the game. But once you install the modified version, your worries of dying at the most interesting point will be finished. It is because we are offering unlimited lives. This way, you can keep playing and exploring the game.

Unlocked Pets

Pets are used to encourage the crowd. Obviously, it plays an important part in powering your squad. So we unlocked all the pets for you; pick any of your favorites that keep you safe. Having unlocked pets is like having extra support on your journey.

Ad-Free Gameplay

Normally, when you play the game, ads are ready to interfere with your smooth journey. Annoying, so here is a solution with ad-free gameplay offered by the modded version of the game. Enjoy the survival world without any distractions. You can keenly concentrate on your missions, puzzles, and battles without any sudden interruptions.

Mod Menu

Presenting you the “mod menu” that lets you customize and modify your game. In general, we can say it gives the controls of the game setting. You are the owner and make changes according to your taste.

Unlocked Everything

Many items like weapons, years, pets, and lives are limited and unlocked in the standard version. But no more with the latest pro version, where everything is unlocked for users. It means you don’t have to work up to access new characters, levels, or items.

Unlocked Weapons

A bundle of enemies is coming your way to defeat you. To kill them, you must own some powerful weapon. The unlocked weapons features give you access to the most powerful and unique weapons. It makes it easier to defeat enemies and overcome challenges.

crowd evolution apk

Crowd Evolution APK Features

Count the Years: It is a unique feature of the game that allows you to track and measure the progress of your crowd’s evolution. You will pass through years item when you clear challenges. Collect the one with a higher number so it grows and transforms your crowd.

Smooth Graphics: This Arcade game is mesmerizing its users with head-up 2D display. It is a vibrant masterpiece of visuals that keeps surprising the players. The animation you witness on your screen is proof of the developer’s dedication. Everything in this world is visually stunning and pleasurable to look at.

Challenging Gameplay: Smooth gameplay never means easy gameplay. Your path is full of tough challenges and hurdles that you must pass. You will face enemy attacks, moving blades, revolving weapons, and many more problems. Only a real player can pass this and win the game to the finishing line.

Crowd and Enemies: The interaction between the crowd and enemies forms the core of the game. You are commanding each move of the crowd against enemies. If you have the will to overcome enemies, move strategically with your evolutionary crowd. You are the one who decides when to attack when to defend, and when to use special abilities. Happy attack, fellows!

Dynamic Obstacles: Imagine a game without challenging obstacles, boring! Keeping in mind the developers made the game tougher for you. There are various mind-shaking challenges with dynamic obstacles that give you extra points. Genuinely, it will increase your strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

How to Play Crowd Evolution APK

Get yourself ready to lead a powerful crowd in the world of “Crowd Evolution.” I don’t count anything more interesting than playing the masterpiece. But before playing the game, you need to understand its gameplay. Basically, it is divided into two main phases.

The first one is the growth phase, where you will visit different places on the map. You will collect years that are going to contribute to your crowd evolution.

Second is the battle phase; enemies are on their way to kill you. But the strategic use of weapons and crowd power will make you stand out.

While running, collect years, weeks, and people. It will make you more and more stronger. The more years you collect, the stronger your crowd becomes. You are responsible for your crowd strength. Each level demands careful planning because every passing second brings you new challenges.

Running games are often more liked by players. If you are also one of them, then Rocket League Sideswipe Mod APK is your go-to game. When you reach the third level, collecting years becomes more challenging because they are in motion now. You need to save from moving blades, revolving hurdles, enemies lethal attacks. One missed calculation, and you are done. But here is when the mod apk steps in. With its modded feature, it is you who wins the game.

Personal Review

Recently, I was looking for a game that combines strategy, challenges, and growth. This is when I came into interaction with “Crowd Evolution Mod APK.” The game is top-notch in all of its features. But I was stuck against the powerful attack of enemies; then I used a laser Gun. It increases the damage by four times, and I easily defeat my opponents.

Other than this, the complete gameplay is awesome. From dynamic gameplay to smooth graphics, everything is amazing. The game became more exciting with the new modded features. I enjoyed them a lot. If you also want to enjoy strategic games like me, then I warm-heartedly recommend Crowd Evolution Mod APK.


Yes, it is completely safe to play. Our team has tested all its features. So feel free to download and enjoy it.

No, it is a free-to-play game. All you need to do is tap the download button on our website.

You can play it on Android 4.4 and higher.


Crowd Evolution Mod APK is a game where a thrilling journey awaits. In its latest mod version, you will have everything unlocked. Players can enjoy unlimited money, gems, lives, unlocked pets and weapons, a mod menu, and ad-free gameplay. It has very smooth gameplay and unlimited customization that makes everything more interesting. So get into the adventure, conquer challenges, and lead your crowd to victory. Download the game now for free and enjoy mod features.

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